Letters2Maybe (2021)
Featuring: Ana Maria Fabian, Nancy Adossi, The Dayan family, Hussein Al-Khudari

Director, Editor, Cinematographer: Yehuda Sharim
Composition: Federico Llach
Sound Design: Scott Szabo
Creative Producer: J. Alex Mathews

By embracing a kaleidoscopic style of storytelling to highlight the poetics and precarity that follow the craving for freedom, Letters2Maybe is an unfinished letter, articulating the ever-growing yet unflinching demand for justice and tenderness in our world today.
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Red Line Lullaby (2020)
In a temple where safety is a mystery and breath dreams of telling stories of uprising, Red Line Lullaby moves across (sub)urban landscapes and reflects on loss, resilience, and the (im)possibility of belonging in America, a country in agony. (14min.)
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Songs That Never End (2019)
Having fled their home in Iran, the Dayan family is greeted in Houston with hurricanes and perilous politics. Nine-year-old Hana is bold and brilliant and struggles to be heard while her family comes to grips with life in the sprawling Texan metropolis, constantly reaching out to all that is gone but is still here: a hunger for the future, and songs about a kind world. (114min.)
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Seeds of All Things (2018)
Amid the backdrop of a contentious presidential election, a health clinic in Southwest Houston is run by and for immigrants and refugees. A family from Iran is bound by love as they build a new home in the city’s most diverse neighborhood. (91min.)

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Lessons In Seeing (2017)
When the elderly math teacher, Sibhatleab, ventures alone from a refugee camp in Ethiopia, he finds himself at the bottom rung of the social ladder in a vast, faceless Texan metropolis in the summer before a contentious election. As he still copes with his unthinkable twenty-five year history of imprisonment and torture, he finds hope at Salem Market, a tiny store that caters to Houston’s refugee community. The film tells his story of disillusionment and resilience, questioning our understanding of the immigrant experience in contemporary America.

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We Are In It (2016)
We are in it chronicles the stories and journeys of five Houston residents and their attempt to find refuge in this American metropolis. By combining tales of deportation with everyday defeats and resilience, it identifies what lies beneath the surface of migrant and refugee realities and the unsettling need to move towards political and economic security. The film documents their personal archives – poetry and paintings of Baghdad, film clips of the Burmese diaspora, songs in Swahili – and their efforts to re-envisage a home amidst experiences of trivialized war, hardship, and alienation.

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vimeo.com/ondemand/weareinit (English)

vimeo.com/ondemand/weareinitspanish (Spanish)
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