About Yehuda Sharim

Son of a Farmer and the greatest film actress Yehuda Sharim is a writer, filmmaker, and poet.
Yehuda Sharim is a poet and filmmaker. His films, from We Are In It (2016) to Seeds of All Things (2018), appeared in various film festivals, artistic venues, and universities across the world. While excavating emotional and intimate histories of border crossing and the migration of souls, his work provides a comparative study of displacement, shedding light on the changing constructions of home and belonging. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Program of Global Art Studies, University of California, Merced.
His Films Include:
Songs That Never End

Digital: 114 min (2019)

Seeds Of All Things

Digital: 94 min (2018)

Lessons In Seeing

Digital: 99 min (2017)

We Are In It

Digital: 107 min (2016)